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plant dyeing garden dress
Plant Dyed Garden Dress
ハノン オリジナルデザイン「GARDEN」を使用。様々な草木を調合して染色。 襟にはいつものポツポツ刺繍を。 レースはパリで探し求めたヴィンテージを使用。
This Hanon fabric dress has been dyed by various plants. It has as usual embroidery 'Potsu-Potsu' around the collar. The lace I bought at marche in Paris are graceful vintage and antique.
Hanon Plant Dyed Graden Dress
Hanon Plant Dyed Garden Dress
I always sell the dolls and their clothes at Doll's event around the world. and on rare occasions I sell that on my Etsy. Please check web or IG.
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